Cinema in Noir – Q & A with Alysia Rogers

In the latest edition of Cinema in Noir, we chat with actress Alysia Rogers. Best known for her roles in Boyz N The Hood and Class Act, Alysia is returning to acting after a 20 year absence. Today, Alysia discussed her role in the upcoming short film Beyond Merritt.

Alysia Rogers

The film, which is currently in pre-production is described as “a heart-wrenching film that explores the harsh realities of drug addiction, poverty and single motherhood, Beyond Merritt is a gripping story of one mother’s courage to reclaim her life and overcome her own demons. ” The film is the true story of Lynda Merritt, a recovering addict.

In our interview, Alysia discusses why she has been absent from Hollywood for 20 years and what drew her to the Beyond Merritt project.  She also talks about what it was like filming Boyz N The Hood, the progression of “black films”, and the evolving presence of darker skinned actresses in Hollywood.

As usual, we discussed the latest in film and casting news (which Bridesmaid’s is slated to star in the latest TP film? And Omar Tyree hits the big screen). Lastly, we discussed the trailers for Despicable Me 2 and World War Z.

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