Seven Sistas of Television, 2013

Khandi Alexander as “Maya Lewis” on  Scandal

RS KAScandal fans have been clamoring to know more about the family of Olivia Pope.  At the end of last season we met her father and this season we got to meet  Mama Pope.  Khandi shines as the mysterious Maya.  A highlight of the season?  Her ode to the walking dead, arm gnawing scene.  THAT took guts.


Angela Bassett as “Marie Laveau” on American Horror Story: Coven


Angela Bassett always delivers, so I wasn’t surprised by how much I enjoy her as the voodoo queen who goes toe-to-toe with witches of the coven.  But I was ultra impressed by her cool, calm, and collected characterization.  Angela’s portrayal of  Marie is totally bad ass.


Nicole Beharie as “Lt. Abbie Mills” on  Sleepy Hollow


I have admired Nicole Beharie for a long time now.  So I was super excited when i heard she was starring in her own show.  What makes it even better is that it’s a sci-fi series, a genre that has long excluded people of color. Abbie Mills is complex,   funny,  and kick-ass. Nicole totally rocks as Abbie.


Kylie Bunbury as “Lacey Porter” on Twisted


I was unfamiliar with Kylie prior to Twisted but she has become on of my faves. As Lacey, a girl torn between her past and present, peer pressure and what she thinks is right, Kylie exudes strength and vulnerability in her portrayal.


Tia Mowry-Hardrict as “Stephanie” on Instant Mom


I was so happy when I found out Tia was returning to television.  And Instant Mom is the perfect vehicle for her.  She get’s to flex her comedic chops as the young step-mother of the three kids. Tia really shines in comedy and has found her niche on the show



Sherri Saum as ‘Lena Adams” on The Fosters



Sherri got her start on the soap operas Sunset Beach and One Life to Live, so she is no stranger to drama.  On The Fosters Sherri  has opportunity to explore the ins and outs of a same sex relationship ass one-half of a couple with three children and two foster children.  As Lena, we see Sherri’s altruistic and soft-hearted side (quite a contrast to Keri Reynolds on OLTL).


Gabourey Sidibe “Queenie” on American Horror Story: Coven


Gabourey is one of my faves.  I have loved her in almost every role she has been in since Precious.  As Queenie she holds her own against a racist maid and her fellow witches in the coven and  she has definitely gotten to do some wild and crazy things this season, namely Minotaur sex.  I just hope that Queenie survives this latest trauma and returns for the second half of the season


Who else gave a memorable performance this year?  Who is your favorite sista of television for 2013?

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