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In Short – “A Beautiful Disaster”

This film was sent to me via Tumblr. The short addresses several aspects of the relationship between black women and hair.

Written by: Kayla Reid

Produced by:
Kayla Reid

The 411: :”A Beautiful Disaster” is a short film and poem that highlights the struggles that many black women face when it comes to embracing our natural hair texture and the repercussions of living in a society that often places nappy and unattractive in the same category. For more information, contact the filmmaker Kayla on Twitter at

In Short – “This Time”

I am a huge fan of Reagan Gomez! She is super talented and I am so excited that she is using her talents behind the screen as well. This short is an interesting take on the impact the separation of war has on loved ones of the enlisted.


Written By: Reagan Gomez

Directed by: Matthew Cherry

Starring: Reagan Gomez, Michael Moss, Terri J. Vaugn, Barry Floyd and Sinorice Moss.

Produced by: Liberty Madison, Sinorice Moss, Quetaya Scott, Enitan Bereola, , Portia Jenkins, Shauna Faith-Graham

The 411: “This Time” deals with the realities that many people have to face when a loved one returns home from war and everything has changed. The filmmakers have dedicated the short to the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country and their family members with whom their memory lives on. For more information, you can to And to make a donation, visit You can also follow the writer and star of the film at

In Short – “Make Me A Doorway”

This short was sent to me on Tumblr. It’s a really cool experimental short. Check it out!


Written by: Alexzenia Davis

Directed by: Jesse Russell Brooks

Starring: Erika Ewing, Alexzenia Davis, and Laila Petrone

The 411: The experimental Short “Make Me A Doorway” is not only an ode to love, But also a compelling examination of self awareness. Delving into topics such as memory, intimacy and true understanding- Spoken word poet Alexzenia Davis pens a brave exploration into the experiences and visuals captured by film maker Jesse Russell Brooks. In a true collaboration between writer and film maker “Make Me A Doorway”  defines the power of self discovery, considers what photography makes of love lost and ultimately reveals how these reflections transform us. This film is a compilation of three poems:  “Make Me,” “My Silhouette,” and “A Lady’s Psyche.” For more information or to connect with the writer go to

In Short – “Click”

This is such a great short film. I am so glad I came across it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Written by: Therese Cator

Directed by: Thérèse Cator

Starring: Therese Cator

Produced by: Thérèse Cator, Elijah Goodwin, Enid Marie Reynolds, Rashad V. Chambers, Erik Parks

The 411: “Click” is a drama set in New York City that follows Sophie as she struggles to put the pieces of her life back together. When she finds a note she sets off on a journey to recapture stolen memories. It is an amazingly poignant meditation on love and loss. For more information, to leave a comment,or to connect with the filmmaker, go to


In Short – “Monika’s Day”

This short is a hilarious take on a day in the life of an actress. Check it out!

Written by: Onika Day and Jason Van Veen

Directed by: Jason Van Veen

Starring: Onika Day, Cle “Bone” Sloan, Sway Calloway, Addie Daddio, Kim Hill, Victoria Lane, Reggie Watkins and many other greats

Produced by: Onika Day, Jason Van Veen, Vidal Marsh, Brian Webber, Garrett Aziz

The 411: “Monika’s Day” is a screwball comedy about a Bi-Racial girl raised in Berkeley, CA who moves to Hollywood to pursue her “calling” and struggles to cope with the eccentricities of the town and the people in it. For more information, to leave a comment,or to connect with he filmmaker, go to Monika’s Day and follow writer,  producer , and star Onika Day on Twitter at