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In Her Own Words: Whoopi Goldberg

I have been a long-time fan of Whoopi Goldberg and her work.  I recently watched Whoopi on Oprah’s Master Class on OWN and was reminded of how intelligent and self aware she is.  Whoopi is an amazingly talented woman whose passion for her craft makes her one of the best in the business.  To celebrate Whoopi,  her award worthy talent,  her undeniable wisdom, and her sometimes controversial opinions, I have compiled some of my favorite Whoopi Goldberg quotes

1.  “If you’re going to lie, make it interesting.”

Whoopi 4


2. “I had a mother who demanded that you tell the truth or be insanely creative abut lying. It had to be a good story. If it was a terrible story, you an the risk of really having her disappointed in your lack of imagination.”

Whoopi and Mother


3.  “Actors have  no color.  That’s the art form.”


4.  “An actress can only play a woman,I’m an actor I can play anything”


5.  “Art and life are subjective. Not everybody’s gonna dig what I dig, but I reserve the right to dig it.”

Whoopi 6

6.  “I’m black and I’m getting the work and I’m doing some good things, but I realize many black actors and actresses are not being given the opportunities. The industry has got to stop thinking in terms of black and white and has to start thinking in terms of who is right, regardless of color, for the role.”

Whoopi 7


7.  “I always thought that if I was married I would be closer to normal But as it turns out I’m just not normal and that’s something I’ve come to accept.”

Whoopi 3

8.  “I would love to teach every kid to say ‘fuck.’ Hang on, now, hang on, listen to why. The reason is because to me, that is a word that doesn’t have any effect. But ‘stupid’ and ‘dummy’? You can say it to someone who is six and you can say it to someone who is a hundred and six and they will hunch their shoulders and it will be like somebody kicked them in the stomach because they are harsh, ugly words.”

Young Whoopi

9.  “I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.”

Whoopi 8

10.  “We are all here for a reason. I believe the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people thru the darkness.”

Whoopi 2

What is your favorite Whoopi Goldberg quote?