In Short is dedicated to being a space that  is dedicated to bridging the gap between the women of color who want to see themselves, their mothers, their sisters, their daughters and their friends reflected on the screen and the women who are working to make it happen. This blog is a celebration of all that it means to be a woman of color in film and television. So in my continued effort to fill in the gap, I have decided to create this space entitled In Short. This page will feature some of the best short films either written, directed, or starring women of color.

So if you know of a short film, or maybe made  your own or starred in one that is available on the web, feel free to email me at with the name of the short, the director, cast info, and a link. Make sure to put “In Short” in the subject line.



Featured Short Films:

A Beautiful Disaster


Death in the Family

The Door


Empire Corner

Make Me A Doorway

Middle of Nowhere: Journey of an Indie

Monika’s Day

Nick of Time

Say Yes

This Time


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