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Kimberly ReneeKimberly Renee is a film and TV lover, a blogger, a bibliophile, a blerd and semi-pro tweeter who was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.

When she was a kid she saw the movie musical Little Shop of Horrors and fell in love instantly. And while she was mesmerized by the gigantic singing plant, Kimberly Renee wanted to know more about the three black girls walking through the scenes and singing in the background. What was their story? That was the moment that she became concerned with seeing women of color on the big screen.

There are hundreds of folks out there blogging, each looking to say something. Kimberly Renee is grabbing a seat at the table and joining the conversation. With reelsistas.com and #BlackWomenDirect, Kimberly Renee hopes to inspire, empower, uplift, and support women of color both in front of and behind the camera in the film and television industry. You can her thoughts on What It’s Really Like to Be a WoC Film Critic here.Kimberly Renee

Reel Sistas, the photo companion to reelsistas.com is on For Harriet’s list of 45 must follow Tumblr blogs.  Additionally, Kimberly was recently quoted on the blog Profanity May Be Necessary. Kimberly is also one of the co-hosts of Cinema in Noir on Blog Talk Radio. Cinema in Noir is a weekly podcast that features “unabashed film talk from three mahogany film mavens.” The women give their thoughts and opinions on the film industry from a black female perspective.

Kimberly Renee is dedicated to bridging the gap between the women of color who want to see themselves, their mothers, their sisters, their daughters and their friends reflected on the screen and the women working to make it happen. reelsistas.com is a celebration of all that it means to be a woman of color in film and television.

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