My New Year Movie Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year!!! Like most of you, I spent the days leading up to the new year reflecting on the past year and the goals I set.  In 2017, I missed the mark on a few goals.  But we realign, readjust, and keep it moving.  This year I am setting my intentions and getting specific with the vision I have for this space. In 2018, I vow to take a simpler approach to my movie resolutions.  It is my hope that these will help keep me focused throughout the year. So, below are my personal movie resolutions for 2018:

  1. Watch 365 New (to me) Films in 365 Days (#TeamNFOTD) – This has been a  yearly goal for me since 2013. I have not accomplished it yet, but I feel like each year I get a little bit closer.  This will be my year. Movie Resolutions, 2017
  2.   Be a more consistent blogger – For my schedule, I think posting bi -weekly is completely doable.   I will post content that focuses on the reason I started this blog: to celebrate women of color in film and television both in front of and behind the camera. This leads me to the next thing on my list…
  3. I also want to expand #BlackWomenDirect. I want it to be more than a hashtag; I want it to be a resource, a support system, and a movement. Black female directors are killing it right now and I want to highlight their work in film, television, and online. In addition to the names you know, I want to feature the black women directors whose names you don’t know yet. I want to shine a light on some of the amazing filmmakers I’ve me at film festival and via social media.

Movie Resolution 2018

By watching, supporting and sharing more films and other content starring, directed by and/or written by women of color, I hope to expand the conversations surrounding women of color in film  and television.

What are your movie related resolutions for 2018?

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